Our Approach

We want you to be the captain of your own ship and we want to assist as your crew in charting your course.  Together we will work with you to navigate the best path.  We will determine how to achieve your dreams using a team approach that is:

  • Data driven.  Our data gathering session will ensure we have all the necessary information about your income, expenses, investments, assets, tax status and estate documents.
  • Driven by your goals.  What is your final destination?  Usually it's not about money, rather it's something that money can help facilitate such as security, travel/adventures, education, charity donations, etc.  We listen attentively to ascertain exactly what your visions are and we work together to realize those visions.
  • Within your grasp.  A feeling of security is of utmost importance, but whether you are interested in travel, owning a second home, education for loved ones, etc., it is all driven by what you can afford.  We use state of the art financial planning software as our navigation system.
  • Pragmatic and Malleable.  Your financial plan needs to be dynamic and adjust with the seas.  We know that markets ebb and flow just like the tides and you have to be ready to shift with life's inevitable, unexpected storms.                                                                                























Steve Hipsley  

President/ Owner

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Douglas Brady

Vice  President

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