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About Us

How We Work

How We Work

We are a team of independent advisors that specialize in various areas of wealth management.

Working cohesively, we will help chart your course and adjust as needed to your destination point. Integrity is of utmost importance to our business transactions and our own individual characters.

We are committed to close and periodic open communication with our clients.

We use current technology to enhance our service deliveries, while not limiting direct client communication.

Mapping Your Path to Financial Success

At Champlain Wealth Management, we want to chart your course to a successful retirement. You provide the destination and we’ll chart your course to ensure everything is on track along the way. Our time-tested, financial planning approach is:

  • Data Driven - Our discovery session will ensure we have gathered all the necessary information about your income, expenses, investments, assets, tax status, and estate documents.
  • Driven By Your Goals - What is your final destination? Usually, it's not about money – it’s something that money can help facilitate, such as security, travel and adventure, education, charity donations, and other big events that you’d like to contribute to. We listen attentively to you in order to ascertain exactly what your visions are, and once they are clear, we will work together with you to realize those visions.
  • Within Your Grasp - A feeling of security is of utmost importance, but whether you are interested in travel, owning a second home, education for loved ones, or some other important milestone, we find that it is all driven by what you can afford. Our team uses state-of-the-art financial planning software as our navigation system to ensure that your financial plan is modern and efficient.
  • Pragmatic & Malleable - Your financial plan needs to be dynamic and able to adjust to economic events. We know that markets ebb and flow, and you have to be ready to shift with life's unexpected and inevitable events. We can help you feel prepared to face any unseen obstacles that the future may confront you with.

At Champlain Wealth Management, we believe in being accessible to our clients as opposed to them being handled by a rotating team of less experienced and unaccountable employees. If you are looking for a team whose integrity and experience lead the process of managing your financial future, please contact us to set up an appointment.

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Meet Our Team

Our team approach adds perspective to all we do, which benefits our clients. 

Steven J. Hipsley, CFP


(518) 583-7526

Steve Hipsley, CFP is the founder and president of Champlain Wealth Management opening the business in 2008 with the vision of helping others plan for and realize their financial future. After more than 25 years of helping people,...

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Douglas Brady

Vice President

(518) 583-7526

Douglas Brady adds significant value to every client engagement and measures his own effectiveness by the impact his financial plans have on clients' lives. He brings extensive experience as an independent planner whose focus is on the...

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