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Retirement Planning

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Planning For Your Retirement

When thinking about retirement, you may find yourself asking:

  • “When can I retire?”
  • “How much money will I need to retire?”
  • “Will the money I have be enough to last throughout my retirement?” 

We believe that it's never too early to begin planning for the future you’ve always dreamed of – especially when it comes to your financial future. At Champlain Wealth Management, we will make sure your hard work pays off in all phases of your life by:

  • Gathering all pertinent data to determine your needs and wants. Life planning is a major factor when determining how much money you will need when retiring. For example, where do you plan to retire? Will you travel in retirement? Will you regularly visit distant family members? Do you plan on consulting?
  • Charting your assets to your destination. There are many factors to contemplate when considering which assets you want to take into account. For example, when will your home be paid off? Do you plan to move after you retire? What expenses are a certainty in your retirement years? The answers to these questions dictate how your assets are to be allocated.
  • Planning for storms. Unexpected life events are essentially inevitable for everyone. Fortunately, our dynamic financial planning process takes into account these changing situations and keeps you feeling secure in your future.
  • Analyzing income sources. How and when you use your money for retirement can significantly impact your overall assets and returns. Together, we will work to optimize distribution methods that may be able to enhance your tax efficiency and give you the best return on your retirement assets.

Ultimately, we want you to come out feeling comfortable and confident with your retirement plan. Whether you are close to retirement or you are planning for the future early on in your life, please reach out and schedule an appointment with us so that we can help you determine which retirement planning path is right for you and your goals.

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